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With over 30 years of media-industry experience, tracking the evolution from analog to digital, monopoly satellite to IP, and MPEG-2 SD to HEVC 4K/8K HDR, LOTG provides strategic counseling on the legal, technical, and commercial issues associated with building and maintaining global media networks for distributing and contributing high-quality media services.


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Thomas Gibbon now concentrates his practice in global media communications. He has been outside counsel to NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation and several of NHK’s affiliated companies for over 30 years. Read More
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Jeffrey Young serves as legal and technical advisor to NHK, the independent public broadcaster of Japan. He counsels NHK and its affiliated companies on issues affecting the distribution and contribution of media services over a global footprint. Read More
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Ms. Kyoko Yashiro is an Associate Attorney at LOTG. She conducts legal and technical research and analysis of media and broadcasting issues around the world and also interfaces on translation issues. Read More

Office Administrator

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Barbara J. Stoddard is the Office Administrator of LOTG. She performs all administrative tasks for the daily business operation of the firm, as well as attends to the secretarial needs of the attorneys. Read More